Activities at Roots & Wings

Activities at Roots & Wings

Activities at Roots & Wings Academy primarily revolve around Project Based Learning and with the advent of STEM (Science, Technology, English and Math) activities at the school, our students have passionately performed these activities. These are goal-driven and purposeful activities and projects that the students do at the school itself under the supervision and mentoring of their teachers.

We have also implemented concepts of Design Thinking with innovative approach. Of late, students have been given certain challenges under problem based learning. The Students have started thinking out of the box and are trying to bring a variety of suggestions to the activity table. They fail and try and fail again but they do not give up and focus on the learning outcomes.

Some of our exclusive activities include:
  • Balancing Sculptures
  • Cannon Slingshot
  • How to purify water using primitive materials?
  • How to design a traffic flow system at a nearby road near the school?

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