From Director Desk

From the Director’s Desk


Grades are old-fashioned! You heard it right. For long our society has been focusing on grades and marks and percentile and ‘how much/many?’. Recent studies have shown that it is ‘skills’ that is required at workplaces or businesses rather than ‘grades or numbers’. Collaboration v/s competition, risk takers v/s safe players, team players v/s isolated are areas of concern where our energy should flow.

Still we see maximum parents in awe with grades more than the skills, creativity, and approach towards life. Even after a number of research articles, thousands of short films and ads, hundreds of movies and public lectures, tens of reminders in parents meetings, our so called horse breeders fail to understand the true potential of a child and consistently fall prey to pseudo races.

Countries like Finland, Japan and Singapore are consistently doing well because of their customized yet passionate attitude towards students. Remember this is no single solution and no single problem surfacing education today. Focus should be on getting your head getting just above the sea level. Education today offers a huge canvas. Let students use it to their abilities!

Roots & Wings Academy offers just that difference to the students and the way they perceive education. Students are at the helm of their progress. They learn to take risks, take ownership of their learning, dig deeper into the pool of knowledge. Ability to inquire and seek solutions to problems is nurtured along with supporting children with thinking, caring and communicative principles.

Come, join hands and feel the difference that you can make in your child’s life, his education and his career. It is never too late! The society, you and us can collaborate together, gel together and see the growth together.

Enter the world of Roots & Wings!

Enter the world of education beyond grades!

Safar Khan,
Roots & Wings Academy

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