From Principle Desk

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents and Well-Wishers,

Imagine the day when this generations will be ready to be at the helm of our country’s affairs, holding important offices, running mainstream businesses and functioning as torch-bearers for the next generation!

Relationship of a school and parents is a close knitted collaboration which plays a vital role in children’s formation. To enhance child’s education, we as educationists, need parent’s involvement, your involvement. This is spoken about quite a lot but many of us find it difficult to put our words into practice. We seek close collaboration and our parental activities will bring in the necessary change into this important undertaking.

We have really high expectations of the staff and students. To achieve our school objectives, we seek your wholehearted participation in students’ progress. To realize our goals, we have to work tougher and together. Visit school often, attend open house programs and parents meetings, join brainstorming sessions and be a part of our learning community. Don’t hesitate to talk to us. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us. Don’t hesitate to share our good work with others. Hesitation kills curiosity and hampers creativity.

Moreover, give your child necessary space and freedom to practice his/her own aspirations. Each child is different. Do not breed race horses. Help him/her realize their dreams, even give them bigger canvas to dream.

Let us work together… let us wing the roots of our strong culture and welcome them to the world full of possibilities and innovations. Also, please read the next page titled, ‘Grades v/s Skills’ at Roots & Wings Academy.

Looking forward to your exclusive prayers for us,

Dr. Siddiqui Farha Yasmeen,
Roots & Wings Academy

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